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1219 15th ave

clearing roots with a hydro jet equipment

1140 Diamond St

Sewer inspection of a property in San Francisco. There is a slight dislocation or a change in elevation between the house trap and the horizontal pipe connecting to it . To view that problem go to 3.40 of minutes into the video and you can see the water pooling. The transition of the two pipes should be smooth. At his time I would not repair this problem. Unless it turns into a continuing problem.

785 Lakeview

This is a sewer inspection video. The picture starts at the house trap and travels backwards to the point where the camera enter the sewer pipe. At the first frame you'll see a large lump which is not removable.

I used a hydro jet or high water pressure to remove this and it would not. I also used a sewer cable to remove this and it would not. At this time I believe it to be excess concrete from when they joined the piping together. As the camera travels backward you can notice there is not quit enough grade.

87 27th St

Sewer stoppage cleared.. Used hydro jet and camera along with large cable to clear several areas that had roots causing stoppages in a drain at home located in San Francisco, CA

30 Ord Street

Address 30 Ord Street San Francisco..Called to inspect sewer as I commented during the video all joints appear O.K.
There is a slight intrusion of cob webs..There are no roots as had been report a few years ago by a different plumbing co

1219 15th Ave

clearing roots with a hydro jet equipment

72 Carmel St

Spots of low to no grade. Slight roots.

967 Sanchez St. | San Fransisco

Sewer main.